Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let the Fund Raising Begin

This, to me, is the toughest part of the 3-day.
Fund raising!
It is especially hard for me this year, considering Komen's decisions re: Planned Parenthood and the response of some of my past supporters and fellow walkers to it.  Within the letter  I wrote the following:

 "I understand that some of you were disappointed with Susan G. Komen and its controversial decision involving Planned Parenthood.  I can’t lie … I, too, was surprised and disappointed. This week changes were made in the organization. SGK’s president resigned and a new figurehead role for Nancy Brinker, founder of SGK, is being created. My decision from the beginning, however, was to fulfill my commitment to the cause. I will continue to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure and I will walk at least another 60 miles."  

I am not sure of how appropriate it is to include a statement like that in a request for support of the very organization for which I raise funds.  I felt I had to write it, though. I didn't want to offend anyone from my list who no longer supports Komen.  Oh well ... it's done ... the letter is sent.  Let's see what happens next!
Wednesday night is the best Zumba night.  The instructor is fantastic and the class can be REALLY crowded!  Last night she brought a guest ... a Zumba GUY!  He led a few dances and I was SWEATING!  It was CRAZY!!! (But I loved it!)  
You know you're into Zumba when the songs are in your head and you are moving even when sitting down!


  1. When do we get a crack at the cookbooks?

  2. I don't see anything wrong with pointing out something a lot of potential donors have been waiting for. At least a few people who were on the fence about donating before will now be more willing to open their wallets. I hope so, anyway...