Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Walk In The Park

It was a perfect Saturday ... so Sandy, Lesley, and I met at Penn Station and had a walk in the Park.  Central Park, that is.  The picture above was taken at the waterfalls in the forest.  It's hard to believe this is in the middle of the city. (But I have said that before!)

 I haven't had a walk with my "sistahs" in a while.  It was great to reconnect.

Just beautiful.
The weather has been so hot and stormy.  Yesterday was perfect!

On the way back to Penn, Lesley and I met up with TY for lunch at Bryant Park.
All-in-all ... a terrific day!
I have been a bit "under-the-weather" since returning home from Florida.  Hopefully I have turned the corner.  I guess it was just general "malaise."  I forced myself to go to Zumba and even tried a Yoga class Friday.  Tomorrow will be a return to normalcy.  
It will be good to be back!

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  1. Central Park is another thing on my bucket list...someday...