Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cathy ... you go girl!

This is my Facebook friend Cathy Goss DeVleming. She just finished the Seattle 3-day. (I hope she doesn't mind my borrowing her picture!)
Here's the message she left on my FB page tonight:

Getting excited for the SF 3Day? I just finished walking in Seattle and as a first time walker I must say - what an experience! I wish you all the best on your upcoming journey. I've enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures you post are beautiful. You live in a lovely area. Have fun in San Fran!!!


For your information ... Cathy raised well over $5000!

I'm closing in on $4000 myself. I'm so proud of that accomplishment ... and it's due mostly to my CCL friends! "Catzowey!"


  1. how cute with their pink bras! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. I dig the bras. Maybe we should get some for your cheering section.
    BTW, I have been auctioning off everythig I can think of to get you to $5000. Catzowie!

  3. My 15 minutes of fame! I love it.

    Roberta, you rock! I am so inspired by all that people do to help end breast cancer. You are such a good writer and let folks know all about 3Day with your twitter updates, facebook posts, blogging, etc. If only everyone else did a little bit more (as you did) know how much money would be raised for breast cancer?

    I think you are over $4,000 now...Woohoo! Cynthia and your Mom should be proud.