Saturday, September 26, 2009

My last virtual trainer

So here's my last virtual trainer. When I first opened it I thought ... 18.5 then 22.5 then 15? Are you kidding?
Then I realized it was The Walk! Hello!
Countdown: 1 WeekYour Training Schedule for This Week:
Tuesday--5 miles--Easy walking
Wednesday--30 min--Moderate cross-training
Friday--18.5 miles--Day One
Saturday--22.5 miles--Day Two
Sunday--15 miles--Day Three

Training Tip of the Week: Inner Strength (Visual Imagery)
Congratulations! You are only one week away from your Breast Cancer 3-Day. Remember to go through your packing checklist early to make sure that you have enough socks, sunscreen, blister care supplies and personal prescription medications. Do not buy a new pair of shoes at this point. Bring 2 pairs that you have already trained in. Remember to take off your toerings and refrain from getting a pedicure.
It has taken a lot of time, energy and determination to reach this point of the Breast Cancer 3-Day and you should feel proud of yourself. It also is natural to feel a little nervous. Visualization is a tool used by many world-class athletes to prepare for an athletic event. Repeating the images and sensations of a successful Breast Cancer 3-Day will train your subconscious mind to accept them as the truth, banishing any underlying negativity.
Each day this week, imagine yourself at the finish line of The 3-Day, smiling and feeling strong. Feel the breeze on your face as you walk and hear the crowds cheering you on. Feel your feet moving along the sidewalk, light and energized. Think about the clothes you are wearing and how they feel against your skin. Imagine the joy and pride course through you as you walk into camp with hundreds of newfound friends.
See the rows of breast cancer survivors in a sea of pink, thanking you and congratulating you. Imagine every little detail in your mind exactly as you want the experience to be. This is visualization and the more times that you return to this powerful image, the more likely it is to become reality.
So this message is for my dear friend Charlie who's faced with the biggest challenge of his life ... VISUALIZE A LONG HEALTHY LIFE ... FEEL THE LOVE AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS ... "IMAGINE EVERY LITTLE DETAIL IN YOUR MIND EXACTLY AS YOU WANT IT TO BE" ... AND YOU WILL BEAT THIS!


  1. thank you roberta. you rock honey. truly...

    hugs, bee

  2. a lot of folks and cats are purring for you.

  3. Please remove your toerings. harharharhar!

  4. OH KRAP! I kept you from resting on Thursday!