Monday, September 14, 2009

On my walk ...

This is one of my favorite spots on my nine-mile route.
It's the tip of Sands Point.
You can see Manhattan on a clear day.
Can you make it out in this picture?
After September 11th, people drove here to see the smoke from the towers.
The police soon closed it to traffic.

In just over two weeks I'll be on my way to San Francisco.
I can't wait!
If you have been reading my blog ... but not leaving comments ... please leave one now.
I'd just like to know that it's not just Auntie Bee and I who come here everyday! (You, too, Trudy!)


  1. Kessler, I read your blog everytime you update it. So it isn't just you and Auntie Bee (love to Sarge, by the way). So excited about SF in a couple weeks.

  2. I can't call you "Roberta" it sounds so formal. I noticed a friend of yours called you Kess or Kessler and I like it.

  3. well yes, i'm still here!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. We have finally raised our monies fer yer TA-TA par-tay! Da Blurped helped a little too - you can read about it at our bloggie. And da Blurp would probably be furry happy if you dropped by her bloggie to see her pawdicure. Mommakitty says she will be puttin' da monies in yer TA-TA account on Tuesday.

  5. I'm here! Maybe not every day... but many days!
    -Bogdan's Mom Jen