Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thank you Sir Grout!

Remember when I had the floor and grout cleaned this summer? The salesman for Sir Grout, John, happened to see the display for my walk that I made for school. He was very interested in hearing about what I was going to do. It turns out his wife had breast cancer.
When the job was finished andJohn saw how pleased I was, he told me that he would give me $50 for every job I recommended. Nice!
A few weeks ago my friend Gail had her floors cleaned by Sir Grout.
John called tonight to thank me for the recommendation. He said that, if I didn't mind, he would like to donate the $50 to the 3-day on my behalf ... and he told me that he would add to that in memory of his wife.
If I didn't mind? I'm delighted!
Thank you John and Sir Grout ...
and by the way ... my floors look great ... and the grout, once black with dirt and coming up in some places, is perfect!
Go to to see the great work they do!

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