Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Morning!

This is the Port Washington North pier.  
Nice, huh?
They have been working on the waterfront for quite a while ... and it's very beautiful. 
It was another perfect day for a walk.  
I did my regular route.
Along the way I thought ... I haven't been saying "Good Morning" and that makes a big difference ... acknowledging the people with whom I share the road (or sidewalk).  So today was a "smile ... hello ... and good morning" day.
It felt good.
Is it a "deed?"
I'm glad you took the time to read Monica's letter.  I had the opportunity to do a training walk with her once ... and I was very impressed.  She's (obviously) quite a woman!  
I have been so fortunate to walk with amazing people!  
(Yes "walker readers"  I mean you!)
'Chelle ... you're so lucky to be doing sweep van!
Don't get upset with the comments on the SGK Facebook page.  I think everyone who wants a particular assignment should be given the opportunity to do it!  How can anyone get to be an "experienced crew member" if the same "experienced crew members" do the same jobs year after year.
Speaking of crew ...
2010 San Francisco crew member extraordinaire Phyllis (not Mr. August, Sarge)
and I will be taking a leisurely stroll on the streets of New York tomorrow.
No long(ish) walk around PW!


  1. Well, a deed by definition is an action, and saying "good morning" is an action. It's a kind thing to do, which makes it good. Therefore, it is a good deed. There's a guy around here, though, who will reply to "Good morning" with "What's so f&$^#*! good about it?"

    I like him.

  2. Hey, Mr August looks to be well hung.......