Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes, Sarge, I WAS out (around) 6 AM

Perhaps it was a tad later than 6:00 ... but I did get out.
I wanted to walk because the Boston walkers are.
I tied my cooldana around my neck, loaded a water bottle with ice, and set out in the early morning heat.
Debra called me* about 20 minutes into my walk and asked if she could pick me up so I could drop her off at the station.
10 minutes later I was in an air conditioned Jeep!
So ... let's call today a 30 minute, 1.5 mile walk.
I'm not going out again.  The thermometer is rising and an excessive heat advisory has been posted.
It's 85 at 8:00 and expected to hit 100+ today!
Three of the four cats are in the house ... and staying in the house!
Joba has opted to stay outside in this heat.
That is just fine with Jeter!

*If you have taken your safety quiz Thumper, you know that it is FORBIDDEN to talk on the phone while walking ... but I carry mine for emergencies only!
The end.


  1. Hey, I took the safety quiz TWICE this year...but I didn't watch the video either time, so...

    I cheated, so I can't really say anything about someone using a phone, eh?

    And good call on not going back out. Even the Boston walkers had to stop early...