Saturday, July 30, 2011

Training walk # ... I don't know.

I'm not sure of where the park is, but there were a number of signs posted to save it!  Think I'll have to find the park and see what the scoop is!
I sort of d-r-a-g-g-e-d myself out today.  It wasn't THAT hot.  I just felt tired and heavy.  You know, on event you HAVE to get out early ... and too bad if you're tired!
Cleveland is finishing up day 2! click here to watch a video!
Next week is Chicago and our Burt is on his way to his first of 2 3-day walks.  He shared the following from a DC crew member named Larry. I am sharing with YOU now: (I apologize for some of the language ... but I think we're all adults ... right Sarge?)
“I hate this Walk. I’ve participated dozens of times, over ten years, in seven different cities, but I still hate this Walk.

“I hate training. I hate waking up early to walk, and walk, and walk some more. I’d rather sleep late, and spend my free time reading, napping, or just being with family or friends. I hate training.

“I hate fundraising. I hate asking people to donate their hard-earned dollars to fight this damn disease that affects us all, while folks on Wall Street make $50 million a year to destroy our economy as they pad their already overflowing bank accounts. It’d be nice if those $50 million paychecks went to find a cure, and the Wall Street folks had to run a freakin’ bake sale to support themselves. I hate fundraising.

“I hate pink. Pink is for ‘My Little Pony,’ Barbie cars and 4 year old girls. I don’t care what women say, no man looks good in pink. Just once, I want to be part of a Walk whose official color is ‘flannel.’ I hate pink.

“I hate rain. Camping in the rain sucks. Walking in the rain sucks more. And don’t get me started on mud. I hate mud, and I hate rain.

“I hate tents. I hate sleeping all curled up, so my feet aren’t hanging out the door. Getting dressed in a tent? Really? Can’t they make a tent that an average sized guy can fit into, without having to crawl in and out? And for God’s sake, can they please make soundproof tents, so I don’t have to listen to snoring all night? Ladies, I don’t care what you tell your husbands, but you snore too! I hate tents.

“I hate sports drink. I hate Gatorade. I hate Powerade. I hate every damn ‘ade.’ There is a special place in hell for whoever decided to put salt in fruit punch. If I wanted a salty drink, I’d order a margarita. Just once, could ‘beer’ be the official sports drink of a Walk? I’d even settle for those tropical drinks with the goofy paper umbrellas in them. I hate sports drink.

“But there is one thing I hate most of all. I hate Breast Cancer. I hate hearing that my mother-in-law’s latest pathology report shows that her cancer is back again. I hate the look in my wife’s eyes when she has a mammogram, and then has to wait for a follow-up because ‘we saw something we didn’t like.’ I hate that my daughters had to learn about breast self-exams when they were still in their teens. I hate going to funerals, and listening to sermons about how ‘she is in a better place.’ Screw that. You think that’s any comfort?

“I hate that a young woman was diagnosed at the age of 21, and told by her doctor, ‘I want to be wrong, but I would be surprised if you lived to see 30.’ I hate that a friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer just a few years after her father fought his own battle with breast cancer. I hate that Mother’s Day is a day when some people go to the cemetery to visit their mothers, or even worse, to visit their daughters. No one, no one, should ever have to go to a cemetery to visit their child.

“I hate this Walk. But I hate breast cancer even more. Fuck breast cancer. Sorry if the profanity offends you, but I can’t think of any other word that fully expresses how I feel. So fuck breast cancer. Can we please just find a cure already?

“But until we find that cure, maybe we can compromise on pink flannel and light beer?

2011 DC & Philly Lunch Crew”


  1. I hate pink also - but I'll wear it proudly.

  2. i love that guy!

    i have some friends walking in ohio this week. i play canasta with their mom.

    smiles, bee

  3. I think I'm in love with Larry... I pretty much hate everything he said he does. But I'll still rock the pink, because, you know...boobies...

  4. Wasn't that a perfect letter from Larry?! Pretty much says it all. I don't like pink myself ... but I, like 'Chelle and Thump will wear it with pride!
    Did y'all watch the video? Love it!

  5. Hey, I need a boobie man tee shirt