Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gimme' Sprinkler!

Clicked this just before the water hit the walker ... me!
The Boston 3-day is this weekend.  When we did the Boston walk it was HOT and the sprinklers cooled us down!!!  We weren't proud ... and we weren't shy ... we ran right through them.  I can't quite run through them when I'm walking on my own ... I might just get arrested ... but I wait for the sprinklers to hit me as I walk by.
I have been getting out early enough so it's not too hot yet.  Here's a tip:  I pick up my $1.00 bottle of Poland Spring at the convenience store about 1/2 way through the walk  when I'm really heating up. That cold bottle on the back of the neck and on the wrists really cools me down.  Little sips of water is better than gulping it.
Lots of little things to do today.
On the list will be a good deed or two.
Are you doing yours?


  1. am i doing a good deed? of course!

    smiles, bee

  2. Does it count as a good deed if I didn't smack the crap out of a panhandler who got in my face to demand I help her out with two dollars? I mean, I said no nicely twice before I growled it...

  3. Let me see, if I were in NY I would follow you around and spray water on you......It is a good thought.