Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot Hot Hot!

Instead of taking a picture on my walk today ... I took this picture of what I came home to:
Ah ... there's nothing like a "welcome back mom" greeting from JH!
I just HAD to give him a scritch or two.
I got out later than I wanted to this morning ... so I cut my walk short.  Let's call it 4 miles, ok?  It's getting hot ... but the cooldana and water bottle kept me reasonably cool.
Boston walkers had to cut day 1 short yesterday.  Some women who train with Burt's Babes and are doing the Boston walk said that a lot of walkers went to the hospital ... some left the event ... but most stayed on and are walking today.
I'm so proud of these walkers.
20 miles a day is NOT easy ... and in this heat ... it's doubly difficult!
I bet they're thinking, though, "not as difficult as a diagnosis of breast cancer!"
As one walker said "We walk because we can."


  1. I know a lot of the Boston walkers are majorly disappointed--they closed the route again today--but better safe than sorry. It would suck if someone died while walking to fight against other people dying.

    I did an extra half mile today. You can have it and count it towards your distance ;) It's not too hot here...

  2. please give jeter a scritch from me!

    smiles, bee