Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Am I The Only One Who Thinks I'm Funny???

I thought my 3 Amigulls was so funny yesterday.  Apparently, however, a few members of my immediate family (like ALL of them) did NOT see the humor ... or just didn't understand.
Sashi said "I don't get the 'ami'" part.  
Duhr!  Have you never seen the 3 Amigos? Get it? Amigulls.
"Oh." she replied.
Ronnie said "Gulls?"
Are you kidding? Gulls ... Seagulls. 
He still didn't see the humor.
Mike made some kind of comment about me taking pictures of seagulls and being crazy.
Debra was the kindest ... but gave me that smile that means "It's ok, Mom."
I still think it was absolutely hilarious.  So ... for those of you who are reading this and don't remember (or never knew)  here are ...
The 3 Amigos ...
and here are ...
my 3 amigulls.
The end.
We're having a heatwave here on Long Island.
When I started my walk this morning it actually felt like I was walking in the Funshine State. Hot and humid!  I made it a shorter walk (because I can do that!) and stayed out for about an hour-and-a-half.  That was enough.
Before I started, I retrieved this email  from an old friend:

Your daily training is truly awesome and inspiring to me.
I wish you the best with it.
I have to admit ... I was really pleased to receive her message ... and it got me out of the house!!!  It would have been so easy to say "It's too hot ... I'm staying in."
Thank you Barbara.
For your information ... that song is no longer in my head.


  1. Your kids need to be educated

  2. I need inspiration to get my asterisk out of the house today...

  3. Hey Roberta, it went right over my head, but you realize i am very old.........It's funny......

  4. well i admit i didn't get it either but now it's funny as hell!

    smiles, bee