Monday, August 1, 2011


There has been confusion among my cousins as to where I will be walking this year.
I love you all and I'm walking in Atlanta.
I guess my comments on Boston, Cleveland, and Chicago have confused my family.
I think I might confuse a lot of people.
Sometimes I confuse myself.


Look who I had a little talk with this morning on my walk.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
He wasn't quite as noisy as the Three Amigulls were.
I finally put the 3-day widget on my Facebook page and right away ... a friend from school made a donation!  Makes me wonder why I didn't do that sooner?  I still have a way to go ... but I know I'll make it to that $2300 mark.  It's just taking a little time!!!


  1. Man, I can't get the widget to work with my AT page... Supposedly you can have more than one, but Facebook hates me and won't play nice.

    Really, I think it's personal... ;)

  2. Hey, it ate my comment, I will try again....

    Walking all the way to Atlanta, wow, holy crap, that is a long way, maybe I am confused.

    I liked the Three Amigulls.