Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What The Heck Are These?

Boy Howdy!  These are mushrooms!!
I found them on the other side of one of the streets I usually walk.
They are amazing ... yes?
I haven't walked in quite a few days. 
I feel a little guilty about that.
Oh, I have some excuses ... but none are really any good!
When I got to the pier, I decided to sit for a while and take in the bay.
I was surprised to find this bench.
Alan Becker lived in Soundview (my neighborhood) with his wife and two kids, one of whom was a good friend of Debra's.
He died suddenly when he was quite young.
The Alan Becker Bench.
It was my spot today. 

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  1. it is nice they picked a spot for him to be remembered.