Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Walk

What's this?
Just wondering.
This was a quick walk today, but I was able to accomplish a few things.
Firmed up the cat sitter and rented a car for Mike to drive to the Cape.
The entire family + 1 will be in Provincetown for a few days.  
It will be great to have all the kids ... and they will happily get along!
At the end of the week, after a few days alone with Ronnie, my friend Cynthia will join us for a few days.
You know Cynthia.  
I walk for Cynthia ... a 3 time survivor.
She had another birthday a few days ago.
Another year cancer-free!


  1. It's a plant.
    You're welcome.

    +1 on firming up the cat sitter. The cats hate it when they're all gooshy and soft.

    I need to get out and walk...

  2. That lovely plant is a Chinese lantern (AKA Winter cherry)