Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are You A Sister?

I was looking at some sculptures (maybe I should call them stone carvings) that were recently installed on the Bay Walk and this woman (pictured above) stopped to talk.  We talked about the carvings and how nice the Bay Walk is and how long it took to (almost) finish Mill Pond and how beautiful it is.  
Then she asked "Are you a sister?"  
At first I wasn't sure of what she meant, then I realized I was wearing my 3-day shirt. 
"A survivor?"  I responded.  "No ... I'm a walker.  I walk for my mom and for my friends who are all survivors.  Are you a survivor?"  
She told me, with a GIANT smile, "I am in remission 14 years."  
I shook her hand and told her ...  "I will walk for YOU!"
So Ellen, I dedicate this training walk to you ... and I will add your name to the growing list of those for whom I walk!
Here is what we were looking at:
They are installed on two metal benches.
My friend Terri wrote that I should be taking time to stop by the water ... listen to the birds ... meditate.  Here is a picture (or two) from the bay walk:

Sarge ... My goal today was to find a pair of mushrooms ... take a picture ... and ask you what they remind you of.  Sadly ... these are the only mushrooms I saw.  Boobies!


  1. Wow, Roberta, that gave me chills! How wonderful that Ellen is 14 years in remission. Truly meant for you to meet her today.

    My mom wants to sponsor you in honor of her friend Leigh who was Dx last year (doing well), but she's not a computer person, so we'll be sending you a check.

    Keep up the good work!!


  2. Nora ... thank you ... and THANKS TO MOM!!! I will walk for her friend Leigh!

  3. they look like eyeballs to me! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. Fungus boobies - nice!

  5. Even tiny little boobies are worth the effort :)