Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Horn Honkers... Be Advised!

 Maybe you have had enough pictures of egrets.
I am sensitive to that, so today I give you this lawn ornament that I pass every day.
In fact, I have been passing him for the past three years on my training walks.
He's a cute little troll.
I hate horn honkers!  I especially hate them when I'm walking.  It sort of catches me off guard.  So, this morning, when I was walking on the Boulevard, I was pretty miffed when this guy in a black car honked his horn to get my attention.  He asked for directions to Mackey, which, by the way, I was able to give him!  He could have said "Excuse me ..." and I would have stopped to help him.  But he had to lean on that stupid horn.  
Well ... I put him in the right direction.
That's a good deed ... yes?
Apologies to Sandy.  I realized that in a previous post I had mentioned rabbits and chickens.  Those are, indeed, BARNYARD ANIMALS. I'm glad you liked the shout out though!
Finally ... Sarge ... here are today's mushrooms:

A nice pair for you my friend!
I had to move one to be next to the other.
They look like ...
The end.


  1. You didn't tell him to shove his horn, so yeah, it's a good deed :)

  2. they look like eyeballs to me! now tomorrow in water aerobics, that's boobies!

    smiles, bee