Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home From Provincetown! Hello Irene!

A week without Internet!  Wow!
We had a perfect week in Provincetown ... blue skies and sunshine every day!  It was great walking weather.  I walked a little more than eight miles every morning.  My walking partner was Susan (pictured above with RH).  One day we were joined by Beth, Faye, and Sashi.  Can you see the dunes and grassland behind us?  Just beautiful!  Got a little too much sun and I have a rash on my arms and legs.  Oh well.  I also have a amazing tan!

This is my favorite spot in (my) world!  Behind those dunes and up the beach a bit ... is a nude beach.  Beth and I once walked that beach and it was really interesting.  It was one of those times when I laughed so hard I didn't think I'd be able to walk on!
My cousin Baz made a very generous donation and I'm very close to goal!  What a great surprise to see when I arrived home at 3:00 this morning!
Yes ... Ronnie and I drove through the night so he could leave from Port Washington to his job in New Jersey tonight.  We left Provincetown just before 10:00 and arrived home at ... well, I told you when we arrived home!  I'm confused by the storm reports.  I don't know if Irene is a hurricane or a tropical storm.  I know that low level neighborhoods in Port have been evacuated.  The tide is high ... almost to the road.  We are going to have flooding on Shore Road.  I brought in all the furniture from the patio.  The house is a MESS!!  Ronnie's in New Jersey now ... so Debra and I are on our own tonight.  The storm is supposed to hit somewhere around midnight. I hope we both sleep through it!  Jeter and Mickey are in the house ... just have to convince Joba and Matsui.  You can tell that Joba feels the storm is coming, but he isn't ready to come in yet.  
We're getting on and off rain storms ... then it gets very calm.  It's going to be an interesting ride!


  1. A week without Internet? :::twitch::: That sounds :::twitch::: painful... Though Mike and I need to find someplace like that...

    I really hope Joba comes inside. Even if Irene peters out, he'll be one mad wet cat if he doesn't.

  2. i hope it's not too bad honey.

    smiles, bee