Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back On Track!

Irene (hurricane or tropical storm) is gone and the clean-up around town is pretty much done, so I finally got back to my walk today.  All that's left is some debris (branches and leaves) that I had to maneuver around.
This street was blocked off ... I don't know why.
I had to walk around this mess.  No problem.
There was erosion on Shore Road.  I saw a picture in a Long Island newspaper of a guy kayaking on Shore Road after the storm.  By the time Debra and I drove down to see it, the water had receded.  I have to look at my "waterfowl pictures" to see if some trees came down, too.  It looked different to me.
Some windows are still taped ... and these windows are still boarded up.
We were lucky.  No damage to our house ... although we did get some water in the basement.  Cambell's Carpet came Tuesday to wash and deodorize the carpet and I have been listening to their fan drying it for 3 days! The gardener came today and all the leaves and twigs are gone ... so we are looking good here! I brought all the lawn furniture IN the house ... but that went back out Monday.  I even found the cricket I brought in with the ficus ... caught him ... and returned him to the great outdoors!  Is that a deed or what?!  There are still people on Long Island without electricity.  I think I would be going crazy!  Hopefully they will get it back today.  Irene might not have been the ferocious hurricane that was anticipated ... but she certainly did a lot of damage.  Who expected upstate New York and Vermont to get walloped the way they did?!
Speaking of the unexpected ... I asked my friend who works in the convenience store about the earthquake.  I guess I really missed something!  He said it lasted about a second ... but he felt it and a customer in the store felt it.  We didn't feel it on the beach in Provincetown! I do remember an earthquake around 29 years ago when Mike was an infant.  It was a very eerie feeling!
So ... my summer of walking is almost finished! It's back to school for me Tuesday ... (kids come back Wednesday.)  I'm almost at goal and I put in some good miles.  I'm ready to go back to my work routine.  I love teaching and can't wait to see the kids.


  1. you cricket releaser! ha ha ha let joba get it! glad you didn't have much damage. tape on windows does not do any good, we used to think it did years ago, it just makes a mess. give jeter a scritch for me please!

    smiles, bee