Sunday, September 25, 2011

Training Walk With Lesley

Here's my tentmate folks.
Lesley took the LIRR from the city to Port so we could walk Sands Point.
I walked to the train to meet her (2.1 miles) then we started our walk.
We walked past the town dock so she could see it ... then we were on our way through Port North, Manorhaven, and, finally, Sands Point.

Total miles today:  14!
Exhausted (because it was really humid today) we grabbed some water and went off to have some lunch.  Just missed Lesley's train so we went to the dock and fed ...

an old friend!
Great day!
Less than a month to Atlanta.


  1. oh fun! (kidding!) how did muriel like the new john g's? we still haven't been, too hard right now... buggers.

    smiles, bee

  2. I love the shot of you two in the mirror :)

    Humid is the only thing I worry about for Atlanta. I'm not used to humidity, and I'm delicate, you know... ;)

  3. all those miles and not one little boob for me...