Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Black Cat Got In My Way Today!

I was very careful, kept my eyes on the road and stayed focused on not falling today!
I'm a little sore from yesterday ... and I still have that fat lip ... but you don't really need a lip to walk!
I decided that it has been a long time since I walked my Sands Point route ... and I really have to add some miles to my walk so I went down the hill instead of up ... and walked into Sands Point.
It was a brilliant idea.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was out and there was a nice breeze.  Perfect walking weather.  Sands Point is spectacular so I had a great walk.
Pictured above is the tip of Sands Point.

You can see the City in the distance.
10 years ago people drove to this spot to see what remained of the towers.  
Smoke.  Nothing else.  
So many people drove here that the police finally shut Middle Neck Road.
It is still hard to truly believe what happened that day.
I won't forget.
I did a few deeds today.
There is a Medieval Festival at the Sands Point Preserve and two cars stopped me for directions.
I gave them the correct directions, too!

I would have turned in to take a look ... but I wanted to get home.
I got a message while I was walking that I received another donation!
Thank you Marsha!
I'm on my way to $3000!
I saw this in the road and want to send it to someone special ...

Doesn't that look like a heart Sarge?
I'm sending it to you ...
(and you may share it with Bee!)


  1. oh yes, it looks like a heart, oh btw, it is not poop is it?

  2. NO ... not poop!!! It looks like it was tar or something that melted into the street!
    I thought of you and Bee ... because you both have my heart.

  3. Man, what a view... I think that's half of why I like to go into SF to walk, the awesome views...

  4. it looks like a heart with EYEBALLS!!!

    smiles, bee