Monday, September 12, 2011

New Member ...

Pink Slips ... my Atlanta 3-day team ... has a new member.
Although ALL the members inspire me ... Jenn's story was very inspirational.
I asked Jenn if I could copy some of what she shared with us and she said yes.  She also shared a picture with me.
I hope you're reading this Sarge and Bee ...

Jenn and her mom
I lost my Mom 2 years ago to breast cancer after a 10 year on again, off again battle.  I saw her through to the end. It was an amazing journey and I am forever changed.  The best thing that came from it is that my family (Dad and 4 very stubborn brothers) became much, much closer.
The first year after Mom died, I wasn't strong enough to get out there and do what I am now doing.  I was actually a bit mad and selfish and didn't want anything to do with Komen.  And then, as a little time went on, I realized that my Mom was here for 10 years more than expected because of experimental treatments.  That's a good thing.  Everyone should have a chance. And no one else should lose a Mother or a Wife.  So, I sucked it up, threw on a smile and said, "I can do this!"  Something in me changed and I turned my anger into a fight.   And here I am.  :)
I am a military spouse.  ( Or should I say, he is a Civilian spouse, lol)  I am married to Michael. We've been married almost 17 years.  He is a pilot in the Army.  He flies Blackhawk helicopters.  He is currently in Afghanistan until Feb. This is his 2nd time to Afghanistan.  He has also been deployed to Iraq and twice to Bosnia.  Oh, and to the Bahamas. (How do you get deployed to the Bahamas?  All I know is that he came back with the best tan!)
I work on the military post hand in hand with the soldiers.  I work with everyone from able bodied young bucks to Wounded Warriors to 80 year old retirees.  I love what I do. 
The rest of Jenn's introduction was about how happy she is to be on our team, etc.
Both Beth and I are incredibly moved and can't wait to meet this amazing woman.
I wanted to share this with you, loyal readers.
Just because ...


  1. she sounds amazing! and me read? always!

    smiles, bee

  2. you bet i am reading, she is my kind of girl.

  3. I thought you would like this.
    Can't wait to meet Jenn face-to-face.