Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday--11.29 miles

Left the house at about 8:15 and just got in at 11:50.  Right now it's 91 degrees.  I'm tired and I'm swollen!
Yesterday was a rough day.  Last day of school is always bittersweet.  Saying goodbye to the kids is hard .... then getting back to Port, picking up  Whitey, taking him to the emergency vet, and making a very sad ... but correct decision ... it was just an exhausting day all around.  I took it slow on my Sands Point walk.  I just wanted to take in the natural beauty ... the sights and sounds.  Half way through I realized it's my father's yahrzeit.  That's the Jewish date of his death.  (My dad passed away 20 years ago on July 4th.)  So I took time in the most beautiful part of Sands Point to say Kaddish for him.
Ronnie is in the back preparing a spot for Whitey.  He was a good boy ,,,. and a good friend, Could he be with my dad?


  1. Sending hugs Roberta - I'm sure he is with your dad.

  2. Your dad is no doubt poking around the Bridge with Whitey, easing him into all the things there are for kitties to do there, and will be his bud there until the moment you're there to join them.

  3. giant hugs honey... what a sad day you had.


  4. Jeter told me all about this and it made me very sad, i know you made the right dicision for whitey, i saw him on top of the bridge laffin an laffin about puppy poop.

  5. We bet your Dad was just waiting for Whitey.