Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wrapping It Up

So my duffle is almost packed and I'm almost ready to go to San Francisco.
I tested my air mattress last night and I'm looking forward to a semi-comfortable sleep for two nights in my tent ... shared with Phyllis.
Here are a few things ...
Funshine walk
 I have done training walks in three states ... New York, Massachusetts, and the Funshine State.  The hottest walks were in New York City in August.  I never complained ... but my red face said it all.

Brooklyn Bridge
I was most excited when I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge.  I walked it a number of times and it NEVER got old for me.

Nathan's Famous anyone?
My greatest accomplishment was FINALLY making it to Coney Island.  It was my longest training walk ... but I LOVED it!  Getting on the air-conditioned Q train at the end of a very hot day was the highlight!!!!!

 The West End of Provincetown is my favorite spot ... with the end of Sands Point a close second.  I always had to stop there and just take it in.

"Hello Darling"
Although anyone who walked by my side was a GREAT training partner, Joan is my favorite.  I love her!

There's more to say ... but I have to go to work!!  Here are some facts:

Number of times I saw the podiatrist--3 (thank you Dr. Burzotta)
Number of training walks taken with Burt's Babes--7 (Thank you Burt Lipshie)
Number of miles walked to date--over 300 
lNumber of size 8s--4
number of times I whined or complained--ZERO (I was only stating the facts)

More Later ... I'm going to be late, now! DUHR!


  1. You're a pro, Roberta! Good luck on your walk!

  2. w00t!

    My bag is almost packed...I need a bigger bag, I think...

    Very cool that you know your tent mate. I'm tenting with a total stranger and am starting to hyperventilate about that...