Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gone Walking and Feeling Good!--10.1 miles

The sign on the front door says it all!
Shhhhhh .... I had no pain in my heel this morning when I woke up!  Could it be the Naproxen I started taking yesterday?  Or could it be the icing that I've been doing? Whatever it is ... I don't want to say too much.  I just know I felt good!
  I put on the new size 8s (that felt like size 3s a while ago) and took off for another walk in Sands Point.  I got a bit of a late start (9:30) but it was 75 degrees and breezy.  Perfect walking weather ... and it never got much hotter!
I took pictures along the way to show you my beautiful walk.
View from Bad Bob's on the Marina
I leave my house, walk to King Kullen for a water, then walk from Shore Road to
 Manorhaven Boulevard.  Manorhaven is home to a few marinas.  I walked out to take a look at the yachts.  This picture was taken at Bad Bob's, a rib joint on the water.
Yankee (Holy) cow (!) in a Sands Point backyard
 From Manorhaven I walk into Sands Point.  There's a dramatic difference in neighborhoods!  I know you've seen the picture of the cow before.  I just get such a kick out of it!  It's a good street to train on, too.  It has a nice hill to climb!
Looks like a fairy tale!
 From the cow ... I continue on my walk to this street.  I've taken pictures of this house before.  It looks like a fairy tale, yes?  I love it.
I turn, walk back up another hill, and take a turn on Prospect Lane, one of my favorite streets.
Wall on Prospect Lane.
 Just before I reached Barkers Point Road, I met a couple of "barkers" ... and they were happily barking at me.  This one, Maggie, wanted to get her picture taken for the blog.  (She did not sign a release ... I hope it's ok.)
Plum Beach Point Road
Plum Beach Point Road is one of my favorites.  The road is curvy ... and lined with these beautiful trees.  I decided to walk past the "do not enter" sign to see the houses at the end of Plum Beach ... and I'm glad I did.  They're amazing and right on the water.  I couldn't see the house at the end of the road, but the sign "paradise" said it all.
 Plum Beach Point becomes Pelham Avenue and this is someone's backyard.  Nice!
White Hills on Sands Point Road.
 About half way through my walk, I turn onto Sands Point Road.  I'm usually attacked by black gnats at this point, but it was breezy and the gnats weren't around!  I have no idea what "White Hills" looks like ... but I like the entrance.
Back of a garage on Sands Point Road
Estate on Sands Point Road
 I walk from Sands Point Road to Middle Neck.  The end of Middle Neck Road is what I believe is the setting for The Great Gatsby.
Estate on Middle Neck Road
 I didn't want to be so obvious and take a picture of the mansion behind this gate ... but that's Long Island Sound.  It's magnificent.
Lighthouse Road
The beach on Lighthouse Road.  Can you see the NY skyline?
The water was choppy.  I love this part of Sands Point.
Once I leave this part of Sands Point, I'm on my way home.  Middle Neck Road goes right to my street.

This is for you Rocky!
 I had to check the GPS at the Sands Point Golf Club.  The battery was low ... but I was feeling good. 
Helen Keller National Center
 Just past the Helen Keller National Center I saw this ...
Horses in Sands Point.
I thought that the horses in this field were police horses ... but 
... today the riders were wearing armor and holding poles and it looks like the horses were being trained to joust!  (I could have walked closer but I was anxious to get home!)
Port Washington
Just a few steps away from the horses and I'm back to Port Washington.  It's a far cry from Sands Point ... but it's home.
It was a great walk.  
Thanks for joining me!
The heel is feeling good right now.
Fingers crossed!
(This was a long one!)


  1. what a nice walk, it will be over soon, what you gonna do then. I notice the absence of boobie talk, oh well, bless you heart.

  2. what a beautiful walk! i love the arch! glad the feet feel better. hope that lasts. no eyeballs today?

    smiles, bee

  3. Dang, you get to see some terrific stuff while you walk. Today I got to see lots of fat people in too-small clothing while they jostled each other to buy more too-small clothing. Oh, and a guy who barfed. He was a wonderful sight...

  4. Thanks for the photo BFF! Glad to hear your heel is feeling good, hope it continues. Great pics of your walk. Enjoy the Yankees game today! Hope Phil Hughes pitches well!