Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Sands Point walk before San Francisco--11.3 miles

Goldenrod by the water in Sands Point
I just returned from my last Sands Point training walk before the BIG walk starting Friday.  I really love walking in Sands Point.  It's so beautiful.  I wasn't going to take a lot of pictures, but I couldn't resist taking just a few.
Welcome to Paradise!
 This is the sign outside the gate of the last house on Plum Beach Point Road.  It's my favorite street in SP ... and I bet the house really is in paradise!  It's right on the water.
Right next to Paradise ... is a house being built.  As I was walking by, I saw it in the mirror on the street ...
Just next door to paradise.

Yessiree ... it's a big one!
I visited my friend Viv on the way.  She just fractured her ankle so I wanted to see how she's doing.  Here's the culprit:
The culprit.
His name is Rusty.  He was walking too fast while Viv had him on the leash and she fell.
(Wipe that smile off your face Rusty.)
Rusty's sister,  Sophie, is not as amused as Rusty ... and feels sad that Viv is in a cast and can't run and play.  (This picture was taken after Sophie "washed" my hands with her tongue ... Good girl!)
I walked the regular route after leaving Viv, Rusty, and Sophie.  You've seen the pictures.
I did see a nice mushroom for Sarge, though.
Mushroom or booby?