Sunday, September 19, 2010

Training walk NYC--20.65 miles

Flowers still grow in NYC!
Today was my last training walk with "Burt's Babes" before San Francisco.  We walked from Penn Station to Riverside Park to the Financial District then back to Penn Station.  We had a big and fabulous group of 3-day walkers.  We were joined along the way by other groups who walked with us for a while.

Our group in Riverside Park (Photographed by ranger Izzo from Brooklyn)
Roberta (San Francisco) and Lesley (San Diego) Last week's group in Central Park!
Sandy (Tampa?) Burt (Chicago and Dallas!) and Tracey (Philadelphia)
Oh yes ... there were other pictures taken, but my walk-mates were getting a tiny bit annoyed with me because they were hungry and I was holding up the walk to Adrienne's in the Financial District where we were looking forward to the best pizza in the city!  I couldn't leave you, however, without a picture of the group at "you-know-where" ...

Eyes (photographed by TY of the Village)
This is, of course, for you Sarge!
It was a beautiful day in the 80's in NYC. 
It was a total of 8 hours ... about 7 hours of walking.
I'm icing my foot right now ... but there were NO COMPLAINTS out of the mouth of THIS walker! (only observations about my plantar faciitis and my arthritic toe and how hot I was feeling.)  
So I'm on my way to another 60 miles in San Francisco.
It's less than 2 weeks now. 
Thank you, thank you for following me on this remarkable journey!


  1. You are awesome! Great pics, looks like a fun group. See you soon! Ice and elevate that foot!

  2. Hmm, yes, I "observe" quite a bit whilst walking, too... ;)

    12 more days!

  3. it's gonna be a good day. tell me something, i have a good friend that found 24 hours was not enough time to Atone, what should he do now?

  4. Hi I am a big fan of jeter! :)
    Wondering why his blog is silent for a long time. Hope everything is ok!