Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crunching acorns, dodging raindrops--6.0 miles

Yours truly!
Joan's husband is coming home from a brief hospital stay, so I walked alone today.  I walked my old training route which is exactly 6 miles (according to my old pedometer ... do the math!)  My Forerunner is not working ... so I have to contact Garmin tomorrow.
In other news ... I forgot to charge my phone so I didn't take pictures. (That might be ok since I take way too many!)
I will tell you that, like Karen (aka Thumper) I saw pee wee soccer players.  They couldn't have been older than 4.  They were wearing red, yellow, and blue pinnies that almost dragged on the ground.  ADORABLE!  I happen to know that when they aren't playing on the soccer field, the geese are hanging out there. I wonder what their little soccer shoes looked like when they got home!
I also saw the miniature sailboats on the pond.  You would certainly have seen a picture of that.  The MPMYC (Mill Pond Model Yacht Club) was busy today.
The acorns are on the street and I love the sound of my shoes crunching them.  I dodged raindrops for half my walk.  That's fine.  Some training should be done in the rain ... just in case!


  1. think of the happy squirrels to have their acorns already opened for them!

    smiles, bee

  2. Hey, we can't walk in the rain. I'll melt!

  3. Hey Roberta we know what pond you are talking about! Jean and I had pizza yesterday and it wasn't nearly as good as Salvatore's. We're spoiled now, only NY pizza for us.