Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Roberta and Phyllis on the Plane

oy vay!
Oy vay is another way of saying "yikes!" Bee and Sarge! 
Phyllis and I are halfway to our San Francisco destination.  So far we played 3-8,  two thirds of a card game ... and I was winning.  Then we ate our dinner and dessert (a bag of M&Ms)  We played with our new cameras ... (hers is better than mine!) We tried to figure out her schedule as Crew ... and now ... after about a half hour of trying to get Internet service ... I'm showing her how to blog.  
Phyllis tried to upgrade our seats to first class ... but we're in "steerage" and, that's ok.
We're laughing and laughing.
(But Phyllis said she won't shower in the truck ... and I don't know about sharing a tent with a woman who refuses to shower.  I might stop laughing.)
Just to let you know ... I received donations that took me over my $3500 goal.
Life is great!
More later.


  1. Now ladies, when you release the emergency slidee, be sure to grab a beer on your way out!

  2. Hewoo, Phwiss, is me, a widdy biddy puddy tat

  3. Oh no, Mochy, don't get Pwiss pissed off or she she furry furry mad a Roberta for intwodoocing us

  4. ...and here I thought I was the only one who wasn't going to shower...

  5. not me, i had a shower!

    smiles, bee

  6. So how does the shower thing work -- do you strip down, climb in the back of a pickup truck and someone turns a fire hose on ya? I might be with Phyllis on this one...