Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday--0 miles

(This picture of Sol, Mom, and me was taken last year)
Sometimes you have to choose between a nice long training walk ... and time spent with an old friend.
I woke up late today ... then Sol came into the kitchen and we started to talk about my netbook ... I showed him how it "works" then we played solitaire and free cell together.
He didn't remember the rules all the time ... and I'm not sure he really knows who I am ... but it was important to spend that time with him.
Sollie is a wonderful man who I love a lot.
Total miles walked today: 0
It was worth it.
There's always tomorrow!


  1. Sweet picture - walking can wait when you have friends and family that need your time!

  2. Sorry about Sol, he is my hero you know.

  3. Life is not walking, but it is people...

  4. sol IS the hero and thanks for being there for him honey...

    smiles, bee