Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Forerunner keeps a walker honest!--5.14 miles

I really love those big watches that are in fashion this summer ... so when I put the Forerunner on I felt very stylish.  It was so great to look at it and know exactly how far I walked.  I was going to take a regular route this morning, but when I saw it would only be four miles ... I took a right and continued walking until I did the five miles I wanted!  (Like I said ... it keeps a walker honest!) 

So the 18:59 is my pace.  When I first looked it said 18:34 ... but I guess it slows down when you stop walking, yes?  Whatever ... I was pleased with the pace.  An hour 40 should be the time, so that's good ... and I did walk those 5 miles I wanted. 
Wait until my long training walk Sunday.  Not only will I drive them crazy with my camera ... I'll make them looney when I call out the mileage! Ha!
The ducks were enjoying the pond and were lined up at the waterfall when I approached.  They know me now and don't appreciate having their picture taken ... so they started to swim away!
Oh well ... just another picture of this pretty town!
ps--now I know that yesterday was a quick 4 or 5 miles ... not 5 or 6!  Like I said ... it keeps me honest!


  1. i like those watches too but always wear my regular one, every day for twenty years or so now. it keeps on ticking. i heard you were supposed to get them cleaned every few years but i never did that either. i clean the outside. how bad could the inside be? right? ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. You know you can change the data fields on that and show up to 4 at a time? Mine shows time, distance, pace, and heart rate. And when you stop walking, you can pause it...just remember to restart it... I learned that the hard way.

    I used to have it show calories burned, but on a long day, it's too tempting to stop and get a head-sized sandwich because, hey, I just burned 900 calories!

  3. me an jete are just not going to take it anymore, now don't come home reaking of other cat, that sucks.