Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July--5.75 miles (I guess ... I didn't bring the stupid pedometer!)

Happy 4th of July!  It's a beautiful day in Southern Florida.  Not too hot ... not too humid.
Today was my day to take pictures of birds.  I love the Florida Fowl. (Is that right AB?)
Could this be the same friend who was following me the other day?  No ... not the ibis ... this handsome fellow flew around for quite a while ... then gave me a full frontal pose.
Yeah ... we get ducks up north ... but I took a picture of this family anyway. After all ... it's my "Bird and Fowl Tour" today.
I wish my legs were as long as his/hers.  Is this a heron AB?  I love watching them walk so slowly ... and fly so gracefully.

Someone call the Audubon Society please.  Is this a mother duck and her ducklings ... or is it something else?  I've never seen a duck with a white head like hers.

Ibis ... yes AB?  Ah ... I love it's long beak and slender legs.

Finally ... as the cars were zooming past on Boynton Beach Blvd. I saw this and had to take a picture.  I loved the plants growing in the canal ... and the reflection of the palm trees in the water.
There are apartments available at the place next to Palm Chase.  I like the sign they put out to entice future residents:


  1. har har har Blogger Babes for Boobies, just birds.........

  2. there are so many kinds of herons, i don't know what the brown one is. see you in the morning!

    smiles, bee