Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I forgot to charge the battery on the GPS! duhr!

It was raining a bit when I decided to walk yesterday... so I did the treadmill and I HATE the treadmill.  So when the phone rang after about 2 miles of going nowhere ... I got off and never got on again.
It rained pretty hard this morning so, when the worst appeared to be over ... I pulled on my old size 8s and my new Garmin and started out.  Two steps into my walk, I noticed the Garmin was out of battery.  I charged it the other day.  Why?  Well ... it's charging now for me to finally use it for the first time tomorrow!
It was not a pretty day ... overcast and muggy ... but I did a quick 5 or 6 miles.
It's actually time to start making final plans for October.  There has been some whispering about tentmates and all ... I'd better get on the stick!


  1. you are just like the energizer bunny

  2. Oh helps to just keep it plugged in when not in use. Otherwise those suckers seem to drain, as the Spouse Thingy has found out a few times. I just leave mine hooked up all the time...