Sunday, July 18, 2010

Training walk in NYC--12 miles on the nose!

Today was our training walk in NYC.  We started early.  The day was HOT!
Here's our group.  Please note: Young, Tall, FAST walkers!  I observed this from BEHIND most of the time.
New York is beautiful and ...
majestic ... and ...
just a tiny bit crazy!
I didn't finish the full 19 miles that Burt had planned ...
but 12 miles wasn't bad.
We finished with lunch at Lindy's.
The end.
ps--everyone LOVED my new GPS!


  1. I are jealous of the places you have to walk. Not that I couldn't drive an hour and see sights, too, but...I are lazy so I are jealous, and apparently in need of grammar refreshing today...

    12 is good, 12 is as far as I've ever gone...I live in fear of this week's 13...

  2. does that first photo remind you of boobies? ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  3. frist I see two big boobies and then..........oh my.

  4. Do you always start at the boobies? Can I see the boobie spot when we're in NYC?