Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Day To Rest at the Beach!--0 miles

So I took Debra to John G's today for the best breakfast in Florida!  Then we walked right to the beach.  The water was VERY warm ... too bad I didn't bring a bathing suit.  I would have jumped right in.

The thing about southern Florida is ...
a black cloud will move in just like that and a few minutes later ...

beautiful puffy white clouds will take it's place and it's a beach day again!

Wherever I am ... I can't resist the palm trees.  Get a load of that sky.  I LOVE IT!
And do you know what else I love?
My ridiculously short toes and terribly wide foot in the sand.
It was a fun day at the beach with Deb... and my last day in the Funshine State.  Going home tomorrow.  See y'all in the Big Apple!


  1. I was gonna guess pink toenails, but then I figured maybe you just like sand creeping into places sand doesn't belong...

  2. It seems to me you were just at John G's, oh well, is it true that a noo york girl is now eating grits.........

  3. did you love the grits??? you know what grits stands for? girls raised in the south!

    so glad we got to see you honey. safe trip home. hugs to jeter!

    smiles, bee