Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Walk--9.34 miles

Today is a beautiful day.  I haven't taken a nice long walk since Sunday ... so I took off for Sands Point.
Look what I saw ...
 Biggify and take a look.  Is that a white dove?  It was standing in the street as I came up a hill ... then it flew into the tree.  
I especially like Lighthouse Road at the tip of Sands Point.  Take a look at this ...

 I do believe this is someone's home.  
This is the lighthouse ...
Looks like the lighthouse, yes?
I took the picture from the road and had to zoom in.  I didn't know there was a woman on the beach until I uploaded the picture.  
I have to get some history of the lighthouse for you.
This is for you, Sarge.  
I don't know ... it looked a little more like boobies as I was walking past!
Oh well ... I was thinking of you!
I was thinking of you, too, Thumper.  You have to break your new shoes in slowly, know what I mean?  I hope the new shoes are working out ... and that your feet are feeling good!


  1. hot digitty d-o-g I bigified them, what a pair.

  2. naw, they're eyeballs... yeesh!

    smiles, bee