Monday, July 19, 2010

Rest day!

So I'm going to make this an official "Rest Day!"  Actually, it's a little cooler today ... and I could take a little walk ... but I'm going to give the "dogs" a break.
Your comments yesterday were pretty funny.
To answer you ... Thumper, I'm surprised with your grammar.  I are living just outside the "greatest city in the world!" and I are able to make that short train ride in to enjoy walking in it!  Honestly, though, if Burt hadn't contacted us to join him in training walks, I'd be walking circles in Port Washington! (Stay tuned for walks in Provincetown.  I are really looking forward to those walks!)
Bee,  how clever you are to see those lovely flowers as boobies.  Are they sagging just a bit?  Just wondering. (BTW ... I bought grits the other day and I think I'm going to make myself a bowl for breakfast!)
No Rocky, I didn't see TY ... but I texted her along the way.  She declined the invitation to meet me at Lindy's for a hamburger.  "Too much meat!" was her response.  Silly "almost" vegetarian.
Sarge, I think you enjoyed the picture of "The Museum of Sex" on the GREAT 5th Avenue right in the center of New York City.  We couldn't believe it.  Such a classy place.  No, sir, I didn't go in ... but I sure did take a long look as I passed!
So today I'll treat myself to some reading (Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant, Bee.  Looks good!) write an IEP for an incoming 3rd grader who is a total Yankee "know it all!" and I'll get this kitchen floor professionally cleaned for my August guests!  Maybe I'll even clean out the guest room.  Oh ... and I'm going to check-in for the walk, Thumper.  Have you done that yet?
So that's my day ...
oops ... it's 7:09 ... gotta get going!


  1. well i love this newsy post...

    smiles, bee

  2. ok, you did not go in, sure.......

  3. I checked in, and was oddly excited to see on the little safety video that there were Fritos available on that particular walk. I hope we get Fritos. I haven't had any in well over a year.

    Yes, that's what I took away from the safety video. There's FOOD on the walk!

  4. Video watched - and now I too want Fritos! Or at least that donut Thumper had today.