Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Day Back On My Old Route

Today was my first ... old ... training walk in Port.
Some things have changed.  Some things have stayed the same.
Houses that were being renovated last year are looking great.
The Bay Walk has a "nautical art museum" that adds charm to the stretch along the bay.
The swans are back.  It appears to be just the mom and dad.  The baby might be on his own this year.
A house that sported a "For Sale" sign months ago ... still has the same sign in front.
The guy with the great posture ran past me on Middle Neck Road. (Although we did not say hello ... it was good to see him.)
I walked without my waist pack.  That meant I did not have my cell phone and I did not have my camera.  It felt great not having that thing around my waist!
I walked with a Zumba song playing in my head!  
That's right ... Zumba!  
My friend Doreen has classes in the gym after school.  I have now taken four.  I am finally remembering some of the steps and sometimes my feet and my hips and my arms all work together.  That's sometimes! I think the fact that the music was in my head means that I enjoy it!  I'll have to run that past Doreen. (Who, by the way, lost 50 pounds, and attributes her amazing body to alotta Zumba.  I'll start with two days a week, thank you!)
I have lost 28 pounds and some. (That's 112+ sticks of butter, right Bee?)
People are noticing and, unlike other times I lost weight, I accept their compliments.  In the past I would become embarrassed and made light of what others had to say.  Now I'm really proud of the change I am seeing in me. I wonder what that means.  I'll run that past Doreen, too!
There is a flag in the bay that always reminds me of Sarge.
I thought of him as I passed it today.
If you're reading this, sir, I want you to know that I miss you.


  1. You're like the 4th or 5th person who has praised Zumba...the gym has classes, I suppose I need to check it out.

    I hope you had water with you, even if you didn't have your waist pack!

    1. Don't know that I'm praising it ... yet. Just know that a lot of people love it and have lost a lot of weight (and inches!) doing it.
      I love Doreen, though, and love watching her "Zumba tightened a**" do the routine!

  2. i'd sure bet he's reading, especially if you keep saying boobies! ha!

    smiles, bee

  3. How great about the weight loss, although you have ALWAYS been fabulous looking. Boobies.

    1. Thank you Raymond and Busby. Will your moms be coming east this summer?