Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Nice Memorial Day Walk In The City with TY

My prize for walking yesterday was the BEST brunch at Veselka with TY.
Can my smile get any bigger?
We walked along the water in lower Manhattan before it got too hot.  It was so beautiful!  The big bonus was that the city wasn't crowded because it was Labor Memorial Day! (caught the mistake, Sashi!  Pretty funny!)
I'm not sure of how many miles we walked ...
I chose to walk in sandals instead of sneakers and my dogs were barking at the end of the day!  They were also swollen due to the heat!
Yikes it's hot!!!
Tonight is WW weigh-in night.  I'm a day late because of the holiday.  I hope I do better than last week ... 0 pounds and 0 ounces!
Zumba was canceled tonight because the gym was too hot.
I HATE to miss Zumba!
The end.
Lost over 2 pounds this week!  That's a total of over 30 pounds and you know what that means!
120+ sticks of butter!


  1. I'm sure your smile could get bigger, but then your face would crack.

    I'm not sure I'd wanna see that... ;)

    1. And you were so sweet not to comment on the mistake in the post! What a friend you are, Thump!!!

    2. Ha...once in a while I have tact ;)

  2. congratulations!!!! i am at 51 pounds now, 204 sticks of butter melted off me! that being said, are we going to john g's? ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

    1. After eating a most amazing brunch with a gazillion points ... and losing over 2 pounds ... YOU BET WE'RE GOING TO JOHN Gs! Bring it on!