Sunday, April 29, 2012

Training Walk From the Garden to the Gardens

I finally did my first training walk of the season with Burt's Babes.
We met at Penn Station (Madison Square GARDEN) and walked into Brooklyn to the Botanical GARDENS!
It was a great walk.
You might recognize "EYES" (yeah ... sure)  This picture is for Sarge!
 Here we are (minus two VERY FAST WALKERS!) at the Brooklyn Bridge.
Compliments to the photographers I wrangled at Eyes, on the Bridge, and at the Gardens!  Nice job fellas!
I have to admit ... I'm feeling a bit out of shape.  At this point I was getting tired! 
 We finally reached the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
11.22 miles.
We didn't go in though because we were ...
It's a good thing Lesley and I grabbed a banana on the way.  I would have been very cranky!
 None of the restaurants in the area could accommodate 11 walkers ... 
We said goodbye to 4 and found a fantastic Japanese restaurant.
This is most unusual because Burt looks forward to pizza ... but this was different and delicious!  The place closed after we walked out!  Could Burt's Babes have been too much for the place?
By the time we found our way to the subway we had walked around 12.5 miles.
Not bad for a first walk of the season.


  1. Over a dozen miles, awesome! I really need to get my asterisk in gear...that would probably do me in right about now...

  2. you look fabulous honey!

    smiles, bee