Sunday, April 15, 2012

A New Bridge To Walk

Approach to the bridge from the Lower East Side
From Williamsburg
 I am always up for walking over a bridge ... so I was excited when Tracy suggested we walk from her place in the Village to Williamsburg which is in Brooklyn.
Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge was NOISY!  We shared it with cars, trucks, and subway trains!  I loved crossing into a new neighborhood to explore.  We had lunch in a little restaurant that reminded me of Cambridge in the 70s.  We visited an amazing chocolate factory and walked in and out of local shops.
The weather was perfect.
It was a great day.
Manhattan as viewed from Williamsburg.

I am not sure of how many miles we walked ... but I am counting this as a training walk.
Spring break is over.  It's back to "The School" tomorrow.
Next break will be summer.
This year has FLOWN!
Pretty soon I will be walking everyday, getting in shape for Dallas.
I really don't want the time to go so fast.  Know what I mean?


  1. You were on your feet, it counts! And you're right, this year is definitely going by fast...Before I know it summer will be here...

  2. beautiful walk, beautiful day!

    smiles, bee