Sunday, September 30, 2012

" ... she lost her battle ..."

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There will be a funeral mass for Maureen Flynn tomorrow morning.
Mrs. Flynn was 49 years young.
She leaves behind her husband, Kevin and her three children, Colleen, Brian, and Bridget.
Mrs. Flynn battled breast cancer.
I met Mrs. Flynn a number of years ago when Colleen was a 5th grade student. Although Colleen wasn't my student, I liked her very much and Mrs. Flynn appreciated that.  I met the twins, Brian and Bridget, when they participated in the recreational bowling program that I helped to coordinate.  Last year, when they were fifth grade students, Brian and Bridget joined the Continental Math League, which I co-advise.  I have known this wonderful family ... and I know that the past two years have been difficult, as Mrs. Flynn was diagnosed with cancer and underwent exhausting and grueling treatments.
In spite of this ... when I saw her ... she always had a smile.  She was always there for her children.
She was a fighter.
But she lost her battle.
Her kids deserved to have their mom ...
Her husband deserved to have his healthy wife by his side ...
Maureen Flynn deserved a lifetime.
And so ... I will walk with Maureen Flynn in my heart ... just as I will walk with my Mom and my friends who have survived breast cancer in my heart.
Everyone deserves a lifetime.
If you are reading this and would like to donate to my 3-day walk in memory of Mrs. Flynn, please visit my page.
All donations made until I take my first steps on November 2nd will be in Maureen Flynn's memory. 

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  1. Oh man...

    I am so, so sorry, especially for her husband and kids. She was way too young... :(