Friday, September 28, 2012

Personal Fundraising Goal MET!

This is my tentmate, Val, and me on our training walk last weekend.
Thanks for the picture Sandy!
Well ... Cousin Baz took me OVER THE TOP and I am now past my personal fundraising goal of $5000!  (He said it was from the "Boys in the back at R. Federman" but I know it was Baz... because there are no boys in the back at R. Federman anymore ... because there is NO R. Federman anymore. You can't fool me, Baz.)  So ... my fundraising is on track. I still have a lot of training to do.  I did about 12 miles last Sunday.  We walked from Penn Station to Inwood and the troops, sans yours truly, walked back to Penn Station after a lunch break at Grandpa's pizza.  I caught a subway back to Penn so I could get home, shop, and start to cook for Yom Kippur (which was Tuesday night.)  The first 12 weren't bad at all ... so I know I could have completed the training walk. 
Next order of business is team t-shirts. Grey, white, pink ... this shouldn't be taking so long!  I had to take control and I hate being the boss!
Like everything else ... it'll get done!
I am looking at that picture of Val and me.  She is NOT that much taller than I am.  At least I don't THINK she's that much taller!  We were on a hill!
One of my Zumba instructors has left the gym.  There is an aerobic dance class in place of the Zumba class.  Holy cow ... aerobic dance is a lot!!!  My friend Rosalie just looked at me at the end of the hour and we both laughed and laughed!  I call the girls in the front row the "cheerleaders" because they're so young and cute and energetic.  I want to push them out of the way thank them for giving me something to watch while I am huffing and puffing in the back.  Zumba is so much easier for me!
The end.


  1. I want a Roomba to ride around on.

    1. Isn't a Roomba that round vacuum cleaner that works like a robot? That would be fun for you Mochy. I would like to see that.
      Your friend,

  2. Isn't a Roomba that adjust vacuum cleaner that works such as a robot? That might be fun for you Mochy. I might want to see that