Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Beginning--12 miles (Give or Take!)

Today is the beginning of training for San Diego in November.
I met a group of 3-day walkers in Penn Station in the City.
At first the nice officer said "Not at this time." when I asked him to take our picture ...
but then, he changed his mind.
And here we are!
We were probably overdressed for the most beautiful day this year!
We walked west from the station to the water ... and so began our 12 mile training walk.
Now, I'm not a City girl ... so I was like a tourist ... ooohing and ahhhing all the way.
New York is amazing.
Burt ... our fearless leader ... told us that we would be passing one of his favorite sculptures ... "Eyes."  He was right when he told us it should have been titled something else ...
What do you think?

Ah ... perfect!
I was going to edit the next photo ... but I wouldn't want you to miss Miss Liberty in the background ...

Thanks to a great group.
I've officially begun my new journey.
Hope you will follow me along the way.

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