Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SGK is looking for a new 3-day EMCEE!!!!!!

 Wow!  SGK is looking for a new stage Presenter and Emcee
She/he would be an on-event walker hostess/host.
She/he would be a media spokesperson.
She/he should have 3-Day for the Cure Experience.
She/he should have prior experience and skills.
She/he must be available for ALL the walks ...

No ... not her!!!!!


  1. What, they can't call me and just ASK? Sheesh.

  2. I was thinking YOU would be the best choice ... but I didn't want to put that out there on Facebook.
    Just sayin!

  3. I agree with Miss Bee, thanks for your comment on my post, stop by again, I updated the post.