Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday walk

Joan and I walk together most Sunday mornings.
She's an amazing woman ... and tough to keep up with!
Don't you love self-portraits? They're so flattering!
(I do, however, love the new pink-ribbon Yankee cap Mike gave me for my birthday!)

After I dropped Joan off ... I was walking along when I heard "Hi Roberta!"
I said "Get out of the car and walk with me ..." and she did.
Here I am with my friend Debbie.
Another attractive self-portrait! Har!

Debbie and I walked past "Foot Spa" on Main Street ... and decided "what the heck." An hour later we were enjoying "Shun Zi foot care*"

Hey ... you never know what will happen when you walk with RH!

"in accordance with the principle of the Chinese holism, stimulus of foot will improve the circulation of the vital energy and blood in the whole body by the main and collateral channels making life healthier, body-mind relaxed, and refreshed!"

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