Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back to work ... back to walk--5.8 miles

I know it sounds like an excuse ... but I just can't get out to walk when I get back to work!  So I'll have to wait for days off and weekends.
It was cold enough to wear a jacket this morning ...
but it is also sunny enough to need sunglasses!  I'll take that!
I had lots of time for thinking while walking this morning.  I thought a whole lot about you, Bee and Charlie ... and how tough a year this has been for you.  I know Chuck will pull through because you have the faith and the love ... and he has the strength.  I prayed for you all ... and want you to know how much I love you.
Today ... my walk was for you!!!
Now please get him some Starbucks!

1 comment:

  1. it was a pretty good day all in all, he is awake more and in a bit less pain. hoping for progress each day now! thanks honey.

    smiles, bee