Thursday, April 1, 2010

No foolin' around--5.8 miles

I'm finally taking advantage of my Spring Break and training.
Being on my feet for two nights straight ... cooking, serving, cleaning and CLEANING after two seders ... I gave my "dogs" a chance to settle down yesterday.  But, today I walked through Sands Point ... one of my favorite routes.  My new shoes are officially "broken in"  just in time for another pair of size 8s to arrive in the mail today.  I will look especially stylish in NYC when I meet my training crew again this Saturday.
I love what Michelle is doing!
She's keeping track of her mileage with each post.
I'm going to have to clock my miles this afternoon and start doing the same.
(click on the link to see her beautiful blog.)
Thank you Bee and Charlie and Michelle, for following me.
If you're reading this ... please leave a comment.
It's good to know that you're along for the walk!


  1. well dur... didja think i wouldn't be here? ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Totally along for the walk! Thanks for visiting my blog! You were one of my inspirations to take the plung and sign-up.