Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day One

Phyllis and me
Phyllis and I had breakfast ... then parted company.  She had to be at Opening Ceremonies to check out the walkers ... I had to just get there to enjoy the moments before our first steps.
I walk for ...

One of the first things I did when I arrived at the Cow Palace was grab a sticker and write the names of those for whom I walk ... Mom,
Cynthia, Phyllis, and Bee ... my heroes!
It was fun for me to watch my fellow "virgin" walkers as they began their journey.  Opening Ceremony is always so moving.
After the ceremonies ... we were on our way.
First steps taken ... we were ...
 Here are a few of the highlights of the day.
The 3-day is colorful and fun and fabulous.
crowd waiting to cross the street

One of the sweep vans ... the Manbulance

Mario and me ... how about that pink mustache?

Hookers for Hooters sweep van

San Jose Police Department ... DELICIOUS!

The signage was great

Our first look at the Golden Gate
 We ended our first day at camp in the Presidio.  Phyllis had set up our tent and delivered my duffle, for which I was so grateful (after our first 20 miles I was just a tad tired!)
After a steak dinner under the "big top" and a shower in the truck ... it was off to semi-sleep.
Day one ... 20 miles down.  Two days and 40 more miles to go.  We were 1/3 of the way there!


  1. gives me chills to think about it!

    big giant smiles, bee

  2. cool photos, good job nice lady....

  3. Hi it is a really good cause that u r walking for.
    PS - would like to know how Jete and co are keeping. Long time no hear from them...