Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Two Down ... 20 Miles to Go!

Hello Loyal Followers!
I just finished Day Two!  I have to say...I gained some momentum as I approached the Golden Gate Bridge ... and I came in to camp as number 424 of 1400 walkers.  Not bad!
Day one started at the Cow Palace and wound through San Francisco down by the ocean past Sea Cliff and on to the Presidio by the Golden Gate Bridge.  Phyllis, my friend and tent mate, is crew and was able to pitch our tent.  After a quick visit to the "self help medical tent" for an icing and a new bandage on my under-the-toenail blister ... I had a steak dinner with Karen Thompson and Karen Nichols and around 1400 other walkers.  Showers in the truck are "private" this year ... so it wasn't as difficult showering as it has been in the past.  Sleeping, however, was not as easy as I was surrounded by snorers!
I woke up VERY early and was ready for my second 20 miles.  Today's walk was over the Golden Gate Bridge, into Sausalito, then Mill Valley (where we had lunch) then back.  The Golden Gate was shrouded in fog ... but it was awesome!  I have a lot of pictures (especially for you Sarge ... as you can only imagine! ... and I will be sharing when I get home.
The weather is cool ... but there is so much warmth here.
I think of you all every step of the way.
Love--Walker 3038281


  1. Sounds so great, Roberta! Sorry to hear about that blister. Good luck on the final leg - your team ROCKS!

  2. Jean and I are so proud of you! Your pace was really amazing today! 424 out of 1400! Impressive. We love you and BELIEVE me we wish we were in SF. (it was NOT a good day with the MIL.) See you next year in Cape Cod. PS-I snore.

  3. Look out for the schnorrers; they're worse than blisters.

  4. i just love the krap out of you honey!

    smiles, bee

  5. Mom and I are so impressed by your walk! Rooting hard for you all.

  6. we've been thinking about yoo all weekend, owt there walking....

  7. I was COLD. Not cool. COLD! ;)

  8. It, not I. Sheesh. No ego in my typing skills, eh?